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Wilsonville, Illinois
Landfills and Lawsuits

Wilsonville and the fight against hazardous waste

photo of Rev. Casimir F. Gierut
Rev. Casimir F. Gierut
These gentlemen lead the fight
against The Earthline Landfill
photo of Louis Pelligrini
Louis Pelligrini

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August 1977     Illinois Periodicals Online     Illinois Issues
                Wilsonville Battles a Landfill

August 14, 1978     Vanderbilt Television News Archive     CBS Evening News for Monday, Aug 14, 1978
                Chemical Waste Landfill Lawsuit

June 26, 1987     The New York Times     Published: June 26, 1987
    "The closing of the landfill, which was ordered in 1978 by the Circuit Court and upheld by the State Supreme Court in 1981, was a legal breakthrough, state officials said at the time."
                Settlement Offer $ 2.5 million
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More Landfill Cleanup in Wilsonville
August 4, 2008     IGNN - Illinois Government News Network
    "WILSONVILLE - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) Director Doug Scott today announced that the Agency began cleanup of a large illegal dump site located at 306 Rice Street Wilsonville, IL. Weather permitting, the cleanup will finish Thursday, August 4. "
    "Over the next few days, crews will work hard to remove nearly 50 cubic yards of waste from the community, including dimensional lumber, general household trash, glass, plastics, mixed metals, used tires, and demolition debris, which have been disposed of illegally."
                Illinois EPA initiates cleanup of illegal dump in Macoupin County


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