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Wilsonville       Old Photographs
Photographs & Information furnished by : George Vincent

Wilsonville group photo 1


Wilsonville group photo 2

Wilsonville's Oldest Couple
Date Unknown

Wilsonville's Oldest Couple
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ferrari
At the age of 84 and 81
Wilsonville's Elderly Residents
Date Unknown
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Alexander
Mrs. Margaret Batutis
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bertetto
Mrs. Agnes Bertetto
Mrs. Mary Berutti
Mr. & Mrs. Anton Bonino
Mrs. Celesta Celi
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cerutti
Mr. & Mrs. Tony DeLaurent
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ferrari
Mrs. Anna Gahagan
Mrs. Elizabeth Gahagan
Mr. Val Gaspardo
Mrs. Ruby Johnson
Mrs. Katherine Lubrant
Mrs. Katie Lucca
Mr. & Mrs Angelo Manalia
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Margherio
  Mr. Joe Massa
Mr. & Mrs. William Nadler
Mr. & Mrs. John Nauyokas
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Pacchetti
Mr. Karl Pachesa
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Pacheshunes
Mrs. Zelinda Passetti
Mrs. Josephine Pavey
Mr. Adam Poppafavo
Mr. Battista Riva
Mrs. Petronella Roglis
Mrs. Lucy Rosseto
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rossio
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Serdar
Mrs. Ursula Siminas
Mrs. Anna Verlucca
Mrs. Anna Wojkiewicz
Mrs. Frances Wondolofski

Wilsonville City Hall
Old      &      New
old city hall             new city hall

Firemen's Silver and Golden Jubilee
Firemen's Jubilee

Teapot Dome

Teapot Dome Gasoline Filling Station
"Red Crown"
Gasoline Filling Station

The "Teapot Dome" was originally built by
Orlando Benassi in 1925 or 1926
This location was operated by Charles Subick pre-1942. (re : info by Lina Beyer)
Vet's Club
circa 1930s
Teapot Dome Vet's Club adverisement

Route 110 was SBI Illinois 110
(SBI = State Bond Issue)
which was from Jerseyville to Benld; going through Wilsonville.
This was the route number (Illinois 110) from approx. 1924 / 1926 until 1938, when this number was discontinued at this highway location and relocated to another area in Illinois. For twelve years or so Wilsonville's highway was SBI Illinois Route 110 as per the above advertisement. This highway has been named Illinois Route138 since 1938.

unidentified Gasoline Filling Station
Gasoline Filling Station
Sitting in Photograph is Gilbert Meldi.
                      Built by Tony Delaurent,
                 Operated by Gilbert Meldi then Joe Smith then Prima Rossetto


unidentified Gasoline Filling Station 2
Gasoline Filling Station


                    Owned and Operated by :    Dominic Iattoni   &   Clarence Yatonni
      Clarence (Claudio) was the son of "Domenico" and either took over the station after his father died or at least worked there under his father.
Notes from Charles Drogovich :
      The original family name is "Iatonni" which is pronounced "Yatonni" - there is no "Y" in the Italian alphabet, so the "ia" is used to make the "y" sound.
      I don't know whether they voluntarily started using "Yattoni" to avoid confusion, or whether the name was changed at US Immigration at Ellis Island because that's what it sounded like.
Additional data :
Domenico "Dominic" Iattoni (Iatonia), was born in 1875 in Italy.
Marrried Leduvina "Lovina" _?_ who was born in 1884
Immigrated to United States in 1906
1910 Census shows them living in Granville, Putnam County, Illinois
      with children : Beatrice, age 4 & Mary, age 2
1930 Census show them living in Wilsonville, Macoupin County, Illinois
      with children : Julia, age 18, & Clarence, age 16
Benld City Cemetery - Benld, Illinois
D. Yattonni tombstone
1875 - 1962
1884 - 1960
C. Yattonni tombstone
Aug. 8, 1913
Mar. 17, 1997
Yattonni military tombstone
Clarence YATTONI
PVT     US Army
World War I
Aug. 8, 1913         Mar. 17, 1997


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